Tank Clean and Disinfection

Welcome one and all to our first blog of the new year and we’re starting with something a little different. As with any organisation, there are members that are seasoned veterans and those just cutting their teeth in the industry.

We’re going to be following the journey of one such enthusiastic outsider to the practical element of the industry and see them go from a novice to an expert.

Without further ado, let’s see their first time out in the field, observing a clean and disinfection.

Setting Off

The day began the same as many tend to do – traveling and not a small jaunt by any means. For those that don’t know, while we are based in Wolverhampton we deliver our services all across the UK and this particular job happened to be located in Swansea.

The chilly December morning did nothing to dishearten our duo on their voyage and after a few short hours they arrived promptly and without hassle.

The Thick Of It

Now let’s get to the meat of the matter, the job at hand. Two 1500 litre cisterns (tanks), both in pretty good standing with minor amounts of contaminants within each, a simple enough job.

After setting up the equipment and notifying those within the building of the water shutoff, work began.

The first step was draining the water cisterns, off came the lids and in went the pump. It took a moment for the water level to drop, but before long it was time to begin the work.

Donning a pair of rubber boots and latex gloves, a solution of “silver peroxide” was suitably diluted and the drained cistern was entered.

The task at hand might not have called for much, but that was no reason to not apply some good old fashioned elbow grease and go beyond expectations.

Once the cistern was almost dry, the walls, floor and roof were sprayed to remove any residual contaminants, otherwise once it was refilled it would look clean, but still be relatively unchanged.

As the job came to a close, the remaining water was extracted separately and upon exiting the first cistern, started draining the second while the first refilled.

Rinse and repeat for the second cistern and once both had filled up, a sample was taken from both, they were sealed up and a job well done.

Clean Successful

Our first slice into the journey of discovery that our little protégé is embarking on. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and maybe you’ll join us for their next outing, whenever that may be.