Health & Safety

Nant Ltd is a company specialising in the provision and supply of services and materials in pursuit of Legionella Control including water treatment, chemicals used in water treatment and other services. The objective of the Company is to provide the client with services of the highest quality. To achieve this it is recognised that the protection of the health and safety of employees is a significant factor in contributing to the efficiency and success of the Company.

It is an important duty of this Company, in the conduct of its business operations, to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees. The Company accepts the fact that this implies the corresponding duty of ensuring that the necessary organisation, equipment and training is provided to fulfil this obligation. An effective health and safety policy requires the full collaboration and co-operation of all employees and, therefore, everybody is asked to read this document and accept their own personal responsibility for Health and Safety at work;

It is the responsibility of Management and Supervision:

  1. To promote the spirit and the letter of the principles and provisions incorporated in the relevant legislation to ensure that safe system of work and a safe and healthy working environment exists; adequate resources will be made available to ensure the success of this Policy.
  2. By consultation and joint involvement of Management and employees, to enlist the active interest, participation and support of employees in promoting good standards of Health and Safety at Work;
  3. To ensure that all concerned are fully aware of their own personal responsibilities for Health and Safety at Work:

It is the responsibility of every employee:

  1. To take all reasonable care for the health and safety of himself and of fellow employees and to report any hazard which cannot be controlled personally;
  2. To co-operate with the Company by observing safety rules and complying with any measures designed to ensure a safe and healthy working environment;

The role of the Safety Committee is of vital importance for maintaining a continuous and critical scrutiny of working conditions throughout the factory; reviewing the safety performance and promoting safer working;

The Managing Director accepts ultimate responsibility for Health and Safety within the company as a whole. All Management, Supervision and employees generally are expected to support and implement this policy whole heartedly:

The Policy and procedures will be reviewed annually by the Health and Safety Committee.