Hygiene Services

We provide the following services for water based analysis. In every case our service includes the collection of the sample, full analysis, interpretation of results and expert advice on what to do next if the results are out of specification.

Legionella Analysis

One of the basic requirements of ACoP L8 is that operators of commercial buildings which contain water services maintain a clean system. Even in the case where the design of a system cannot be in full compliance, the taking of samples as part of a monitoring regime system creates supporting evidence that the risk of legionella is being adequately controlled.

Drinking Water

Colony counts and coli forms including e-coli – in short making sure your water is safe to drink.

Tank & Surface swabs

ACOP L8 & HSG 274 advises operators of commercial buildings which contain water services in how to maintain a clean system. This can most easily be achieved by regular inspection and strategic monitoring by tank swab. Our test will check for colony counts and pseudomonas and we will offer full interpretation of the results.

TVC Analysis – looking for pathogenic bacteria based on colony count per litre

Usually collected following a routine clean and disinfection of a water system (including the storage tank and down services), this test is essentially the same as for drinking water. A good result indicates a successful clean and disinfection.

Swimming Pool, Therapy Pool & Jacuzzi – microbiological

The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (P.W.T.A.G) advise pool operators on how to treat pools including taking periodic water samples to be tested for colony counts, coli forms and pseudomonas .

Swimming Pool Water – chemical

We provide analysis of the water quality including pH, free and total Chlorine, hardness and alkalinity.

Cooling Tower Water

As part of a comprehensive water treatment programme ACOP L8 & HSG 274 requires regular monthly water quality checks. To ensure full compliance we offer a full service including dip slide tests (weekly), pH, conductivity, hardness, alkalinity and system concentration factor.

Effluent Analysis

Consent limits to discharge are getting lower and lower it is important that operators of commercial activities monitor any discharge from their places of work, the National rivers Authority and water supply agencies will police this vigorously but it is also expected that operators self-police with on-site monitoring. We can test for concentrations of a wide range of both chemical and microbiological contamination relevant to your specific site.