L8 Remote Monitoring Device

L8 Remote Monitoring Devices are a unique solution to tackle the regulatory requirement of ACOPL8, HSG274 Part 2, and HTM 04 -01 (Legionella control code of practice) to monitor water temperature.

Rather than traditional manual monitoring techniques, which can be costly and inefficient; these devices are connected to water pipes, which send real-time readings on temperature and water flow into the L8 Remote dashboard; in turn providing analytics, reporting functionality and workflow alerts to ensure rapid threat management.

This trailblazing IOT solution offers potential cost savings, better accuracy to exceed regulatory requirements, and a pro-active approach to tackling this widespread health risk.


  • L8 Remote enables cost-effective real-time data capture, analysis, reporting, alarms, notifications and auditing as part of a structured healthy water system management programme.
  • Provides the Management of the organisation and the Duty Holder for water with the tools to actively manage and review the health of the water system for compliance but, more importantly, for increased user safety.
  • Temperature Monitoring Units (TMUs) are placed at sentinel points and any other water outlets or water system points as required (Risers, Calorifiers, Returns, etc).
  • Users access readings via a secure dashboard portal, or the system can link to other software.
  • Battery life can last up to 5 years
  • No Wi-Fi access required for monitoring devices.
L8 Remote - Installed Unit

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L8 Remote Monitoring Devices are the perfect solution to not only managing your water safety compliance but improving it.

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