Legionella Risk Assessment

As it is a requirement of ACoP L8 and other accepted standards, our normal first step when initiating a Legionella control and Water Safety programme, is to undertake a full Legionella Risk Assessment on the hot and cold water systems on your premises. Our Legionella Risk Asessments has been recognised as the most comprehensive in the industry. They are stored in a State-of-the-art electronic logbook so that no element of the Risk Assessment is overlooked.

The Legionella Risk Assessment covers the following:

  1. Identify all hot & cold water systems within the premises.
  2. Record water temperatures of all water outlets.
  3. Provide schematic diagrams of floor plans showing the location of all water outlets, hot and cold water systems and their associated equipment.
  4. Structure management responsibilities.
  5. Assess risk factors associated with all aspects of your hot & cold water systems.
  6. Make recommendations for any remedial actions that may be required.
  7. Provide an overall action plan for remedial action as required.
  8. Produce record sheets for the monitoring of, water temperatures, little use outlet flushing, etc.
  9. Issue Working logbook for your Legionella Control records.

(Legionella risk Assessment will be carried out on all systems where reasonable access can be gained)

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On completion of the Legionella Risk Assessment, when we have a full record of your hot & cold water systems, we will make recommendations for an annual service programme. This usually comprises the annual Inspection or Cleaning and Disinfection of all cistern supplied hot & cold water systems on site, and water quality monitoring, by the annual taking of water samples to be analysed for the presence of the Legionella and other potentially harmful bacteria.

These steps will be fully documented for your records and when combined with a regime of regular temperature checks and other monitoring tasks as laid out in the Risk Assessment Log Book, will ensure your complete compliance with the requirements of ACoP L8 and other current legislation applying to the control of Legionella and Water Safety.