Legionella Risk Assessment

Your Legionella Risk Assessment not only forms part of your ACoP L8 compliance but will become the foundation of your entire water safety programme, making this the first crucial step in making sure your water is safe.

We provide full comprehensive Legionella risk assessments for hot and cold water systems in buildings all across the UK.

Our Legionella Risk Assessment covers the following:

  • Identify all hot & cold water systems within the premises.
  • Record water temperatures of all water outlets.
  • Provide schematic diagrams of floor plans showing the location of all water outlets, hot and cold water systems and their associated equipment.
  • Structure management responsibilities.
  • Assess risk factors associated with all aspects of your hot & cold water systems.
  • Make recommendations for any remedial actions that may be required.
  • Provide an overall action plan for remedial action as required.
  • Produce record sheets for the monitoring of, water temperatures, little use outlet flushing, etc.
  • Issue Working logbook for your Legionella Control records
Legionella Risk Assessment Report
We also provide a site specific logbook with each Legionella Risk Assessment

Once an assessment has been completed, we provide an online copy of the report through our bespoke management software, instantly accessible at any time of time, any day of the week. We also provide written reports which can be kept at the property for easy access.

Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme

All of our printed documents and reports help contribute to Toshiba’s Carbon Zero Scheme.

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