Legionella Safe Tap Filters 

The Legionella Safe tap (SS-885) provides a powerful and approved solution to efficiently stop Legionella spp and other bacteria. With a sleek chrome finish, they are ideal for all domestic and commercial locations.
The bespoke housing design allows the filter to be replaced, prolonging the lifespan of the unit while keeping the long-term operational costs low, offering excellent value for money.
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Legionella Safe Tap
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Data Sheet

Dimensions & Weight: Connection Storage and Handling
Overall length    122 mm Tap Keep dry during storage
Overall diameter   φ64 mm Protect against freezing after first use
Dry weight system 200 grams Handle with care; don’t expose to shocks


Product Name: Product Code
Legionella Tap Safe SS-885

The membrane inside has been optimised for prolonged life and higher flow capacity. It comes in different variants.

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