Mannequin Challenge

Greetings one and all, welcome to a bit of end-of-year fun, courtesy of the fine folks here at Nant Ltd.

We’ve taken the opportunity to have a little fun and join in on the mannequin challenge phenomenon, but with our own little added flair.

Feast your eyes on the wonder below and then we’ll pose you a question.

So there you have our valiant effort of joining the fun, but those eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed there was a challenge within our video.

Well let’s go over a few things to flesh out just what is required and how you can get your hands on £100 of Love2Shop vouchers and just in time for Christmas too.

The Grand Prize

The Rules

We like to keep things fairly straight forward, so there are only 3 basic rules:

1. A piece of paper or board with words “Nant Ltd Mannequin challenge” should appear in the video to qualify. This cannot be added digitally.
2. It should be original content created and owned by the individual or team submitting it for this contest specifically and must not have been used or uploaded before 18/11/16, 4pm on youtube or any other online websites.
3. The final and most important rule – Have fun!

So get out there and let your creativity run wild, then submit a link to your video to