Mission Statement

Nant Ltd is a company specialising in the provision of water treatment services, primarily the Control of Legionella and Water Safety Services. The objective of the Company is to provide our clients with professional consultation and treatment services of the highest quality and integrity.

Our Mission is to be the best in the field of Legionella Control and Water Safety; to be known as the company that you can trust, and who will give our clients honest evaluations, even when our only gain is to inform our clients. We do not use our Risk Assessment services as a vehicle to build business outside of our stated field of activities.

We shall comply with all aspects of the Code of Conduct as laid out and audited by our controlling body, The Legionella Control Association, also to attain and retain the highest possible professional accreditation within the “Code of Conduct”. To achieve this we need to excel in all areas of our business, by constantly challenging all tasks, updating our reporting procedures, materials and technology, so as to become and remain the acknowledged leaders in our chosen field.

We are committed to make year on year growth by ensuring adequate resources for, continual personnel training and qualifications to ensure our employees are the best in their fields, also the very latest plant, equipment, technology and materials. We shall so far as practicable work in an environmentally friendly manner, we shall be known as a company that strives to maximise effectiveness whilst minimising the effect on the environment.

We shall communicate with our clients at all times, to keeping them fully informed of our intended activities on their behalf. We shall endeavour to improve all aspects of health and safety, as we are committed to protecting the health & safety of employees and clients, as primary factor contributing to the efficiency and success of the Company.