Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) Valve Service

Reduced pressure zone (RPZ) valves are a form of type BA backflow prevention, used to protect water from fluid category 4 contamination. Fluid category 4 is described as fluids that pose a significant hazard to health because of the concentration of toxic substances.

As one of the safest and most reliable means of protection against back pressure and back siphonage, RPZ devices are often installed in more industrial settings but can be found in areas with a high chemical use or constant contamination.

Reduced Pressure Zone Valve
An example of a RPZ valve

While these safety measures can be installed in a number of systems, here are a few highlighted in the WRAS guidance:

General Domestic or Residential Gardens Food Processing Catering Industrial and commercial installations
Fire sprinkler systems using anti-freeze solutions Mini-irrigation systems without fertiliser or
insecticide application, such as pop-up sprinklers
or porous hoses
Bottle washing apparatus Bottle washing apparatus Brewery and distillation plant
Primary circuits and central heating systems,
in other than a house, with design heat output
greater than 45 kWh (150,000 Btu/h)
Dairies Dishwashing machines (not for healthcare patients) Car washing and degreasing plants
Food preparation Potato peeling machine (pre-washed produce) Commercial clothes washing plants, excluding
use for medical or healthcare items
Refrigerating equipment Dyeing equipment
Pressurised fire-fighting systems
Printing and photographic equipment
Water treatment plant using other than salt

Owing to their mechanical nature and the level of protection they provide, it is imperative that these devices are operational at all times. To ensure that each reduced pressure valve is working as required, they must undergo an annual service and test.

All testing of RPZ valves in the UK must be completed by WRAS accredited engineers for the work to be recognised as valid.

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