Risks and Responsibility

One of the main concerns when managing any commercial or public property is providing safe water. The risks associated with the presence of potentially harmful bacteria including Legionella and other water safety issues such as scalding are what are considered to be ‘recognisable risks’ and therefore appropriate steps are required to be taken to manage them.

A crucial part of meeting legal obligations is the appointment of responsible persons within an organisation to manage the risks. Investment in the training of these personnel is then necessary to ensure that they understand their responsibilities, can put control measures in place and take appropriate action where risks are identified. The first action to be taken is the completion of a suitable and specific Legionella Risk Assessment. This will identify the actual extent of the risk and should begin to formulate a plan as to how this is to be managed.

Aside from Legionella there are other risks which are associated with hot and cold water systems and therefore also fall within the remit of the appointed responsible person(s):-

  1. General biological contamination
  2. Scalding
  3. Equipment failure