Safe Water Intiative

What is the Safe Water Initiative?

Welcome one and all to the Safe Water Initiative, a programme we’re proud to be championing.

So, what is the Safe Water Initiative?

The Safe Water Initiative or SWI is a culture of learning and development that we’re spearheading to help support and nurture the knowledge of effective water safety and our specialist field of Legionella.

In order to deliver this, we’re offering a range of activities, material, guides and opportunities for business owners, employees, landlords, volunteers or anybody that wishes to learn a little more and take control of their water.

What to Expect

firstly we’re holding a number of free workshops and seminars, each specialised to a particular sector and audience. This means that you’re guaranteed to get information and training that’s suited to you and your industry.

For those unable to attend our live events, you can take advantage of all the free content, blogs and articles we produce on a regular basis.

Why not check out some of our earlier pieces to get a feel for what to expect.

We’re really excited by the potential the Safe Water Initiative has and we want to share it all across the UK. Right now is just the beginning and we have plenty in store for the future.