Safe Water Initiative

What is the Safe Water Initiative?

The Safe Water Initiative (SWI) is a programme of support and learning that has been expertly crafted using our years of combined knowledge and experience.

Throughout our work, we picked up on a lack of knowledge regarding the field of water safety and Legionella control. Recognising that although it might not be the most interesting conversation, water safety shouldn’t be overlooked and so we launched the SWI.

We’re offering an exclusive range of benefits and opportunities to everybody that takes advantage of the initiative.

What to Expect

The two main components of the Safe Water Initiative are knowledge and safety. By increasing the understanding of Legionella control, more people and organisations will be able to effectively improve water safety within their own lives.

We achieve this by delivering discounted and free services including:

  • Bespoke Training Workshops – specially catered to the industry and provided free of charge either at one of our events or pre-arranged on-site training.
  • Impartial One-To-One Advice – knowledge is shared through a number of methods and sometimes it’s more suitable to ask direct and specific questions to an impartial expert
  • Desktop Audits – you’ve most likely got a water safety programme in place, but maybe you have some doubts or would like a second opinion to compare and contrast. A free desktop audit from our experts will highlight our areas for improvement and give you the full picture of your water safety
  • Discounts – anybody that comes to us through the SWI is entitled to some exclusive discounts on core services like risk assessments
Safe Water Initiative - Bespoke Training Session
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Ready to see what we can do?

If you’re curious about the initiative and want to know more or simply want to take the first step towards improving your water safety programme, contact us and one of our trained specialist will be more than happy to help.