Legionella Temperature Kit

The Legionella temperature kit (Water temperature Kit) is used to monitor temperature of stored water, flowing water and water in pipes and tanks that are connected to a water system. Scheduled temperature monitoring is a key requirement of ACoP L8.

The inability to maintain appropriate water temperature may lead to growth of legionella in stored water. Legionella growth is favourable at temperatures between 20-45°C. Therefore, it is pivotal that cold water should be stored below 20°C and hot water above 60°C.

Each temperature kit consists of:

  1. 1 x Handheld digital temperature gauge with a K type plug socket
  2. 1 x Plugin temperature probe for running water fitted with a K type plug
  3. 1 x Plugin surface temperature probe to take pipe temperatures fitted with a K type plug
  4. Storage pouch
  5. 12 month traceable calibration certificate
  6. Operation manual for handheld gauge

Two years warranty on temperature gauge

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NB: Surface trace wires are sold separately as well. All prices exclude VAT and delivery charges.