Staff Training and Development

We are actively involved in providing training and seminars for corporates. Our staff is constantly trained to meet the industry standards. They go through a step by step process of training under the technical manager.

We normally train our engineers in the following ways:

  1. In-house Training
  2. External courses training
  3. Competency training
  4. On the job training

We also offer training externally on the following topics:

The control of Legionella bacteria in the Hot & Cold water systems

  1. An introduction to the Legionella bacteria, its habitat, how it grows and its effects on us if inhaled.
  2. An outline of the legal responsibilities for building owners or operators, in line with ACoP L8 & HSG 274, regarding the control of Legionella.
  3. Outline of the Management Structure required by the ACoP L8 & HSG 274.
  4. Physical conditions and design flaws to avoid within your Hot and Cold water systems, which may increase the risk of Legionella.
  5. Proactive control measures and record keeping required.
  6. Annual servicing of both Hot and Cold water systems.

If you would like to organize one of our staff training seminars, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Telephone- 01902 636355