The Water Management Society is holding a special one-day event on Thursday 24th November 2016, at the Royal College of Surgeons, London.

A full day dedicated to the subject of “Rapid Rise of New Microbiological Techniques Your Questions Answered.” This one-day programme intends to provide clarity to the end-user regarding the How’s, Why’s and When’s to requesting and understanding new techniques which are now commercially available.

The day will feature a selection of panels and talks from the length and breadth of the water industry, including:

  • Introduction and welcome from WMSoc Chairman, Colin Shekelton
  • “The Sampling Pantomime – Cinderella & the Glass Slip-Up’s” –  Howard Barnes, Nalco/LCA
  • “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” – Dr Jennifer Newton, Express Microbiology
  • “Fit for Purpose – Oh yes it is / Oh no it isn’t!” – Elise Maynard, Immediate Past-Chair, WMSoc
  • “Catching the Villain” – Vin Poran, HSE
  • “Rapid Technologies – Research Results” – Ginny Moore, Public Health England
  • “Rapid microbiological analysis for water management plan – a part of Legionella risk assessment for drinking water” – Professor Philippe Hartemann, Université  de Lorraine, Director of the Luxembourg National Health Laboratory

There will also be a couple of Q&A panels featuring the speakers from the day and access to the museum will be provided following the conclusion of the event.

Water Management Society

If you’re interested in attending or would like to exhibit at the show, click the link here and as an added bonus, tickets are discounted to WMSoc members.