Calcout™ by Nant Ltd

Effective Scale prevention system without the use of salt

Calcout™ by Nant Ltd is not a water softener but a water conditioner. It has all the advantages of a water softener without the disadvantages and the water feels and acts like soft water.

For years, salt based softeners have been virtually the only means of treating hard water. Other alternatives including magnets, electro-magnets, RF devices and catalysts have been available, but few have proven to be consistently effective.

The Calcout™ is more economical and has other benefits that a water softener does not have. Salt based softeners have many limitations in Domestic commercial and industrial applications which are well recognised and understood. Calcout™ can provide the protection needed without the restrictions associated with salt softener systems.

The Calcout™ requires virtually no maintenance, no backwashing, no salt and no electricity.

No salt means this is an ideal product in a care home setting.

How It Works

  • Calcout™ uses Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC) to attract hardness minerals and convert them into harmless microscopic crystals which do not stick to, block or corrode heat exchangers and other critical components.
  • This protects boilers and water heaters, downstream pipes and circulation pumps and helps maintain optimum performance of the entire heating system.

The Calcout™ products can be used in different sectors such as Care homes, Schools Universities, Hospitals, Hotels, Retail etc.


  • The proven water softener alternative
  • The media used in Calcout ™  achieves impressive efficiency in scale prevention
  • Fit and forget – quick and simple cartridge change up to two years in domestic properties. Three to five years in systems for larger homes or businesses.
  • No moving parts to break or fail
  • Calcout ™ doesn’t waste water in regeneration or backwash – water softeners do.
  • Total boiler and appliance protection with no associated corrosion issues
  • Calcout ™ clears existing scale deposits from pipes, fittings and appliances.
  • Environmentally friendly as it there is no brine discharge
  • no salt to buy or add which will save you money
  • Significant cost savings on equipment and appliance maintenance  (dishwashers, steam ovens, washing machines etc.)

Water Softener Alternative - Calcout™ by Nant Ltd
Nucleation Assisted Crystallisation - NAC
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Calcout™ uses Filtersorb Sp3 resin FiltersorbSP3 resin which has been tested to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 61 by WQA and is safe for drinking water applications